About us

Pieksämäen Rakennuspuu is a well-established timber producing and import company. Our product selection includes a comprehensive assortment of high quality alder, heat-treated aspen, aspen, and heat-treated alder materials which are used primarily for designing saunas.

High quality timber producer

Pieksämäen Rakennuspuu is a Finnish timber importing and manufacturing company. We work mainly in the further processing of hardwood as well as the import of high quality raw materials from the Baltic countries and Russia. We cater to timber stores and sauna building companies all over Finland.

Our main products are alder, aspen and heat-treated materials which are generally used as the furnishing material in saunas. Our selection of sauna products is very extensive with different dimensions and profiles, and we are continually improving product quality.

Our strengths lie in our reputation as a good and reliable Finnish timber producing company. As a small company we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to market changes as well as offer a personalized service to our customers.

Over 60 years of experience in the woodworking industry

Pieksämäen Rakennuspuu was founded in 1948 by the name Puutavaraliike V. Koponen. It received its current name in 1975 when it was handed to the next generation and became a limited liability company. At the beginning of 2015 current CEO Sami Koskinen stepped into leadership.

Rakennuspuu used to have a busy sawmill with Lindqvist circular saw lines, and in the early 1990s a Weinig Unimat planing machine was acquired to support the production of timber. The planing machine is still in active operation.

The processing of alder and aspen began in the early 2000s. Several years of active work has allowed us to develop good relationships with our raw material suppliers in the Baltics and develop our standards and delivery capabilities as a wholesaler. Our packaging is up-to-date using our shrink film line that was acquired in 2004.

We currently have seven permanent and two temporary employees.