Alder is especially well-suited for use in humid spaces due to its heat-resisting properties. We manufacture alder wood panels and bench wood in many different widths and profiles.

Alder the clear favorite for humid spaces

Alder’s popularity as a furnishing material has grown immensely in recent years. Its qualities make it a perfect choice for humid areas like saunas and washrooms.

Alder wood does not heat up even in high temperatures, and it can withstand temperature fluctuations without cracking whether in its natural state or oiled with liquid paraffin. In addition, the reddish wood gives the sauna a beautiful, harmonious look and a pleasant, mild scent.

Alder panels and bench wood in various widths and profiles

We manufacture alder panels and bench wood in various widths and profiles. STP and finger panels are available directly from our warehouse.

We can also customize alder for example into groove, STS and STV profiles for special orders. We sell alder in two different qualities: A, which is clean-looking and solid-colored, and AB, in which we allow small color variations and pearl knots.

Heat-treated thermo alder is also available. Its demand is now greatly increasing, which is due in part to design magazines and TV programs.



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