Heat-treated aspen

The advantages of heat-treated aspen are its ability to insulate heat, its resistance to humidity and weather and its eco-friendliness. It is a very popular choice for saunas.

Eco-friendly heat-treated aspen withstands stresses

Heat-treated aspen has many good qualities: it is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and it does not swell or bend over time. Aspen’s ability to insulate heat as well as its weather- and rot-resisting properties improve substantially with heat-treatment.

It is no wonder then that the demand for this heat-treated wood has grown substantially in Finland during recent years.

Heat-treatment improves aspen’s features

Aspen is an ideal wood for heat treatment. The raw material must be of high quality – completely clean and preferably cut from a large log.

During the heat treatment the wood is heated to approximately 180°C, after which it has turned a beautiful brown color. To increase its lifespan and durability it is recommended to oil the heat-treated aspen for example with paraffin oil.



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